Good health is a constant journey. We are your healthcare GPS.

What is Total Life Concierge?

Assurance that you have a healthcare support team.

We are healthcare managers. We simplify your life and eliminate the chaos and stress associated with coordinating your healthcare and the healthcare of your family.

Why do you need us?

Because healthcare demands optimal results.

As a consumer of healthcare, you are largely on your own to make critical care decisions for you and your loved ones. We are the important missing link between you and efficient, stress free, healthcare. TLC will manage your health in today’s increasingly complex and time consuming healthcare environment. The model of healthcare manager, created by TLC, offers the assurance that you will have the solution to “what do I do now?” as health related problems, big and small arise.

How does this work?

Chaos becomes order when TLC is driving.

We advise, we navigate, we educate, we monitor, we coordinate your healthcare. TLC manages the process, and has the procedures and contacts to assure you get the care you need and deserve with access to the best! Whether it’s in your home town, at a second home, or as you travel the world, TLC is your answer, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Who are we?

Physicians, professionals & allied health services.

We are physicians, nurses, nutritionists, researchers, clinical pharmacists, personal health concierges, medical billers, personal fitness trainers and a myriad of other knowledgeable healthcare experts working collaboratively for you.

How to get started?

Call or E-mail Us

Contact a TLC Personal Health Concierge (PHC) at 888-674-4852 or e-mail

We invite you to a free consultation with one of our Personal Health Concierges. It is our pleasure to answer your questions and show you how TLC is right for you and your loved ones.

Individuals & Families

TLC was established to insure seamless access to healthcare when you need it. Illness is an unscheduled and unpredicted event. We effectively and efficiently manage your healthcare when that health related situation big or small arises. Our services cover medical record review and access to medical centers of excellence all the way to medical billing resolution. We are your healthcare assurance policy. “Because health is the greatest wealth there is.”

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As Wealth Managers, Attorneys, Bank Trust Officers and Certified Public Accountants your clients look to you as confidants and trusted advisors. When client concerns center on healthcare, turn to Total Life Concierge. Your connection to TLC is an added value you can offer your clients and a time saver to you and your team. TLC provides access and availability to the highest level of healthcare.

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Total Live Concierge understands and appreciates the stress your corporate executives are under when an unexpected, or even an expected medical situation arises. The demands on their time and energy to coordinate care undeniably compromise productivity at work. If they need to explore healthcare options, resolve a medical billing error, obtain a second opinion or a myriad of other concerns we can ease the strain. Total Life Concierge will manage the coordination of healthcare so that your executive can focus on business. A TLC Membership will reduce the distractions on the executive while providing them or their loved one the care and attention they deserve.

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We understand you can’t do it all, but that you will always try. TLC Members have the advantage of delegating their healthcare management to a professional in the industry. Balancing work and family is a full time job. Removing the hassles of managing your healthcare, or that of a loved one gives you more time to enjoy what you've worked so hard to achieve.

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"We at TLC will have your health and quality of life as our only mission. We are Member centric focusing all of our collective resources on your wellbeing. I invite you to learn more about what we can do for you as you explore our website."

- Mark Schlussel, CEO